Why partner with us?

Complete transaction management allows real estate professionals to simplify and streamline the entire real estate process. Our dedicated professionals strive to make your transaction as smooth and effortless for you and your customers as possible.

Who we are

We believe in aligning our systems with our agent’s business in pursuit of differentiation and transaction accuracy at a low cost. When you look great, your client benefits.

It can be rough out there. Don’t go it alone…

On average the contract process takes 12-20 hours per contract. Let’s be conservative and say an agent closes between 2-4 contracts per month. That can range anywhere from 24-80 hours PER MONTH that Realtors are spending working in their business instead of on their business. Even if you could get ¼ of that time back, that’s at least 1-3 business days a month. That time could be spent networking, generating new business, or even taking time off work! Then let’s talk about the absolute need for accuracy. Let’s face it, with contract dates, and a myriad of legal documents that are required to successfully complete a transaction in today’s market.

Teamwork divides the task and doubles the success